Audio Design Services

custom audio design

The Soundrangers Interactive audio design team are the ones behind the acclaimed Soundrangers Royalty Free Sound Effects Library a pioneer in field of sound effects downloads. Our team of specialists can help design, create and implement music and sound effects for your interactive project. We have worked on numerous top 10 AAA game titles, mobile and social games, commercial websites and major software releases, and can help you with all aspects of the sound development cycle, large or small, from initial pre-production meetings to the design and implementation of the final audio content. If you are local to Seattle, we are also available for onsite consultation, meetings, integration and more.

The following is a list of audio design services we provide:


Soundrangers Interactive provides full service sound design for games and interactive media, including the design and creation of sound effects, foley, integration, interactive and linear mixing and more. We can help plan and scope your project, design and implement the audio content based on your requirements.

Sound Design services:

  • Creation of in-game one-shot and looping sound effects
  • Sound Design for cutscenes, FMVs and webisodes
  • UX Design for software interfaces, hardware and virtual ‘devices’
  • Sound Design and sweetening for animations and linear video
  • 5.1 sweetening and mixing
  • Audio asset management, scheduling, production


The Soundrangers music production team will help you with each aspect of the music development cycle, large or small, from initial production meetings to the design and implementation of the final music content. Stylistically, our team ranges from orchestral, techno and industrial hybrid, to hip hop, rock and kooky video game music. Each project can be scaled according to size and budget, using both modern production methods and live musicians, including an 80 piece orchestra, depending on your needs. Please see our music reel for examples of our work.

Music Production services:

  • Composition of one-shot, looping and adaptive music
  • Original music scoring for cutscenes, FMVs and webisodes
  • Live orchestral scoring, recording and orchestration
  • Music scoring for animations and linear video
  • Musical logo and stinger design
  • Music editing
  • Music implementation and consultation


Integration and voice-over production services:

  • Game audio implementation using Wwise, FMOD etc
  • Voice-Over recording and editing
  • Voice-Over casting and directing
  • Audio asset management, scheduling, production

If you’re interested in having us create unique and high quality audio content for you production, please¬†contact us¬†for more information or a quote. Please give us as many details as possible in regards to the scope of your project and the content you need, the type of project and what your timeline is. We’ll get back to you with as many details as possible.